About Us

We are a team of passionate estimators, planners, and risk professionals supporting the development and delivery of critical infrastructure projects around Australia, and abroad.

Our experience delivering estimates for commercial tenders and asset owners spans road, rail, bridges, tunnels, public transport, hydro, water and wastewater, marine, and mining.

Our goal is to advance industry-leading processes and deliver exception service to our clients, in both the public and private sectors, throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects.

Behind the Name


ke·ne·sis | kuh·nee·suhs

from kinesis, “the force driving life forward (philosophy)”, from Greek kínēsis, “motion, movement” from Greek kinein, “to move”.

Kenesis is inspired by the works of Aristotle, whose method of dialectical inquiry is fitting in our niche field, where knowledge is often acquired from past project experience, and we are ever in search of the first principles that underpin it.

Aristotle defined first principles (archai) as the first bases from which things are known; base assumptions that cannot be deduced from any other assumptions. Through dialectical reasoning, we can shift from common beliefs or opinions (doxas), such as specific project experience, to the more stable and objective underlying principles that have withstood debate and argument (endoxa), ultimately in search of the first principles.

Aristotle further proposed kinesis (the mechamism for this shift) as change involving more than merely a discrete shift in place; but rather a continuous process of change from one state to another.

Leading the continuous advancement of knowledge in estimating, planning, and risk is central to our identity at Kenesis.

And ... we think it is a really cool name!